men-u Hair and Body Citrus and Mint Shower Gel 100ml


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If showering is your main hygiene and personal care regime for the body why would you not want this to be an efficacious and enjoyable experience? men-u ultra concentrate shower gels have a high percentage of active ingredients so a little goes a long way. Unlike most cheaper shower gels, men-u does not disappear through your fingers and creates a rich lather for the height of 'clean' and has added moisturisers to help prevent the skin from drying. Includes Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. After the initial fresh citrus fragrance, mint and menthol are activated by the hot water and permeate through to invigorate and give you a lift! To use: Squeeze a small amount into wet palm (small thumb nail size) and generate lather between palms in the shower. Apply over body, keeping out of eyes. Repeat over remainder of body. Great for use with a lather net which also helps exfoliate dead skin cells. Rinse thoroughly.