BT 4600 Cordless Phone with Answering Machine – Twin Handsets


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Offering large buttons, an answering machine and hearing aid compatibility, this twin handset BT 4600 Cordless Phone with Answering Machine set offers feature-rich home phones that makes staying in touch easy. Each handset has its own charging base station.Easy to see and hearA big-button interface makes each handset in this BT 4600 Phone Set ideal for all users and is especially useful to those with impaired vision.Additionally, they're equipped with an inductive coupler and earpiece volume control so if you've got a hearing aid (including models with a T position), taking phone calls is clearer and simpler.Control your callsThe BT 4600 Cordless Phone helps you stay in control over your landline with its advance call blocker feature. Monitor which calls you want to receive and which numbers you need to block - great for preventing promotional callers from disrupting your evening.There's a call display feature too, allowing you to view numbers in advance and take calls when you're able to.Answering machine and speakerphoneDon't miss those important calls - the BT 4600 Cordless Phone features an answering machine with 60 minutes of recording time, which is plenty for most home users.It's equipped with a 200-contact phonebook feature too, so you can keep all your friends, family and important contacts conveniently stored for direct access.Personalise your phone with a choice of 10 polyphonic and five monophonic ringtones to suit your taste and mood - you can control the speaker and ringer volume according to where you've installed the phone in your house.Stay in touch easily with the BT 4600 Cordless Phone with Answering Machine.